Startlogic reviews and 7 years hosted experience

This Startlogic review site is hosted. We are taking this web hosting review one step further with account setup with them and we are paying for our hosting plan just like any other customer. With this site hosted with them, this is the best review site and offering nothing but truth. We perform our own research, test their products and evaluate their service. You can find the latest coupons in here too.

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Is Startlogic any good? is one such hosting company that has helped thousands to get a step closer to their business goals. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona and was founded in November 2003 by Thomas Gorny. It is a part of EIG or Endurance International Group, which also includes some of the popular bands like Bluehost, Hostmonster, iPage and many more.

This is a web hosting company that make their name. Selected as best provider for few consecutive years, beating many other companies and stealing their thrown. They are offering professional quality web hosting plan, aiming the business websites and they are now utilizing two data centres with over 800 servers. In house technical support team, their service quality is at its best.

Startlogic review on shared hosting plans. Currently, their web hosting company provides three types of website creating and maintenance schemes, namely express, pro and supercharge. It also offers three types of VPS server, namely logic, logic pro and logic premium.

Now they are offering two types of shared hosting, one is the basic plan with one domain limit and second plan is with unlimited domains. Recommended for business site and it works well for personal sites too. They uses secure server, offering cheap domain name, good customer support 24/7, and they have great VPS and private server packages for upgrade when you need it.

The most popular Prologic plan is with free domain name included, with free security suite and you can host unlimited domain names with this plan. The personal plan giving you one domain hosting limit, we would recommend the Prologic plan for future flexibility.

Choose this professional plan that offers unlimited domains hosting if you have bit more budget to spend, and for sure the unlimited domain features enable you to host few more websites in the same account without additional cost. More value for long term, hosting ten of websites with no extra cost. Break down the cost amount all your websites, and each sites only cost you few cent each month.

Startlogic review on Express plan. This package provides a 100 GB of bandwidth and a disk space of 5 GB. It facilitates 5 email accounts, website builders, marketing tools and software support. It starts with a premium of $4.50 per month. Depending upon the answers of some simple questions, your website will be tailored accordingly.

Startlogic review on Pro plan. This package is ideal for small businesses, artists, bloggers, none profit organizations and portfolios. This comes with unlimited bandwith, disk space, email accounts and number of domains. It starts with $5.99 per month and also includes marketing tools, website builders, pre-configured scripts, website management and many more.

Startlogic review on Supercharge plan. This provides lightning fast loading time and all the power an organization needs for their business growth. It is ideal for growing websites, high traffic volume, entrepreneurs and e-commerce sites. It facilitates unlimited bandwith, disk space, email accounts and number of domains. You can avail this package for $8.99 per month and includes marketing tools, website builders, software support, website management, reports and statistics and much more.

Startlogic review on FTP service and connectivity. How to FTP upload files to web server? After sign up with them, what you need to do next is to upload web pages and files over to their server, and the only way you can do that is through FTP client. There is wide variety of FTP client that you can use, including SmartFTP or ws_FTP program. But my all time FTP program is the free FTP client program call FileZilla is available for free download here.

SSH connection to server is included. This is one of the leading providers with years of experience. They have come with the features in its Plesk control panel. SSH connection is just one of the features under Virtuozzo. SSH stands for secure shell access which allows you to use Linux command line instructions to administer your website. This is way to transfer files securely between client and server and a protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer.

With such secure connection, you can transfer files or have remote log in without any worries. SSH commands are encrypted for you, therefore both ends of the client and server connection are authenticated using a digital certificate, and passwords are protected by being encrypted.

Advanced webmasters or web developers might need SSH connection in order to have a direct access to their account on the web server, so that they can configure their accounts securely and easy for them to transfer large files, setup CRON jobs, backups, and etc. They offer the best web hosting with SSH support which is most affordable secure shell accounts. SSH connection is included for free.

Startlogic review on email service. The email account and features are good. For Prologic plan for instance, you will have following features which including unlimited POP3 mailboxes, email forwarding, auto responders, and spam filtering. It is a complete solution for all your need. To start configure or create new mail account for your domain name. Log in to vDeck control panel, and browse to MailCentral. Create new e-mail account, and create new message forwarding as well. It support catch-all feature as well, and all message to invalid accounts can be routed to an assigned account. So here is when this feature become handy.

Startlogic review on webmail client programs. The webmail clients is offered with secure login. They provide this for your easy access to your mailbox. You can use any browser, IE or Firefox or Opera, and go to Enter your account and password to proceed. Off course you can use your browser to remember to log in username and password for easy & faster log in next time.

If you forgotten or lost your login or password, simple go to vDeck control panel, and reset the password. After reset, go back to webmail to try log in again.

Startlogic webmail clients

Startlogic review on affiliate program. Their affiliate program is with good payout. If you are using their service, then consider to signup their affiliate program and earning one hundred dollars per sales referred as well. Basically, it is simple as sign up the program, get affiliate tracking link, and use it to refer sales to them. The commission is approved for one or two year sale only. If you not prefer the program, then consider signup their referral program.

One thing in concern is this affiliate program is not using cookies tracking, without cookies, you will lose some sales. If you refer visitor to them and they signup the next day etc, you will lost the sales. However, look at the bright side, you can successfully recommend your friends or family members, and the success rate will improve dramatically right.

Startlogic review on customer support. The knowledge base and support center is excellent. It is now the third week reviewing this hosting company. Been actively search through search engine like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc. So far, their user reviews are positive, and rarely will see people complaining about this host. Small problem or issue will be there at every host, and your role is to understand how to get it fix, before send in support ticket and wait for reply. When question is not reply precisely, people said Startlogic sucks etc.

Here we will point out a few places that you can quick search for tutorial or guides to help you get thing done and get thing fixed by yourself. Make sure the problem is not cause by our own scripting bug or configuration problem. Visit scripting homepage, e.g., Find their installation guideline, and use it as a checklist. Search through Google for similar problem, and hopefully someone before me already shows the answer for that. Visit knowledge base website, and search for guidelines and instructions to solve the problem. We will use the troubleshooter, located at the support site. This tool is useful when our problem is related to email or FTP. Finally, we realized its server side problem or setting problem; we will initiate a support ticket and raise the problem to them. Follow up on the support ticket. Until it is solved. If we having server downtime or webpage not accessible, we will start live chat with technical support. In this review website, we evaluate everything and this including customer support quality too.

Startlogic review on future upgrade options. Sadly, they only have shared hosting and even with their all redesigned homepage, they are not adding in new products like VPS or server plans for upgrade option. We hope one day they will offer more and similar to Webhostingbuzz, A2hosting or Greengeeks that offers widest range of products selection. Some web hosts have gone further and offering cloud hosting, for example we have Site5 and Liquidweb that leads right now.

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How to reduce disk space and bandwidth usage?

Each and every network account includes a particular amount of disk space and bandwidth usage. The details about space and usage can be checked through the help of the account control center where all the information regarding the statistics of website are provided over there. Bandwidth is the total amount of information sent over a particular network. Space of the disc is thus referred to the amount of storage on hard drive. Files, e-mails, videos and images are counted in the disk space.

Once you exceed or nearing the limits of the bandwidth usage or the disk space then you will get a warning. This is something very important to keep in mind. Here are some of the ways to reduce this.

How To Reduce Disk Space?

Once the storage of your disk crosses its limit, you will not be able to load any more information to the disk. In this case, you have to delete some of the files to free the space and use it. This means that you need to keep a constant check on the storage system. This is important for you to upload files and also to receive mails. Otherwise they will bounce back. Often the space is consumed mainly by large files like mails or videos which are left on the server.

Often you leave the mail on the server and forget to clear the spam or messages that have large attachments. These consume a lot of space in your disk. So you have to pay attention on this and keep on cleaning them them. If you clean them out on a regular basis then you will be able to reduce the usage of the disc storage. There are some tools which help you to track the usage of your disc and what are the files that take most of your spaces. You can thus clean them from your disc as you will get a proper idea from the disc analysis.

How To Reduce Bandwidth Usage?

A certain amount of bandwidth is allotted for each and every website per month. Once you reach the limit, you will be suspended automatically from using. Then the only way is either to wait for next month or upgrade the bandwidth. This is very much important and a track on this should be kept. Mainly the files like music and videos take up a lot of bandwidth. So, make sure that you use them as less as possible. If you have these types of files on your website then you can host them offsite like on YouTube or other similar services where you can upload music or videos.

You can also use one of the most reliable and trusted tools that will help you to keep a track on the bandwidth usages and also the limit of using it. This will help you to reduce the usage of bandwidth for your website. This will be quite helpful for you to reduce the usage and also control before it reaches more than the limit. Some of the things those are not included in the bandwidth usage are – check the e-mail or sending any mail, forwarding or receiving any e-mail, uploading or downloading any files and images from or to your website using your own user ID and password or even additional FTP logins. So, you need not to keep a track on all these activities to check the usage of your bandwidth.

So, in order to reduce the disk space and bandwidth usage you need to rely on one of the most reliable tools. These tools help to track your website functions and also the available space in your discs or also the usage limit of the bandwidth. This is very important in order to make your website function properly throughout. It is always recommendable to use the packs which offer unlimited bandwidth. You can still remove the spam, mail with huge file attachments etc to free the storage space. But in case of bandwidth you need to control the usage by reducing the amount of information sent over the particular network. You can do some researches and find some of the best tools to keep a track and record of your disc storage or bandwidth usage of your website.

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Most important things to look for in a web hosting service

Deciding on the web hosting service to choose can be a daunting task these days. Considering that there are thousands of web hosting companies for you to choose your ideal company from, and with all companies claiming to have up to 99% uptime, knowledgeable support and unlimited support, deciding on the company to hire can be a tall order.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot get a reliable web hosting service that meets your web hosting needs. Actually, this is something you can do provided you know how to go about it. But if you don’t know how to go about it, here are some of the important things to look for in a web host service that are worth knowing prior to deciding on the web host service to go for.

  1. Company’s reputation

This is one of the most important things to look for in a web hosting company before you decide to work with them. As a matter of fact, the last thing you would imagine doing is choosing a company with a reputation of offering poor quality web hosting services. To find out about a company’s reputation, visit online forums where you can get active discussions as well as critique of most hosting services. If there are lots of negative feedbacks concerning the web host service you are thinking of choosing, then you can skip that service.

  1. Features

Features can make or break your site. That is why it is imperative to look at the various add-ons that a web hosting service is providing. They should provide an option for adding cart to your site, website builder tools, integration of social media mobile builder and SSL certificate among other features to look for in a web host service.

  1. Service plan and price

This is one of the aspects that most people out there look for in a prospective hosting service provider. However, you shouldn’t use this as a deciding factor when choosing a web hosting service. Although you need to choose a service plan that is offered within a price that you can afford, you should however refrain from jumping on the cheapest service plan in the name of saving money. Look at the features of each service plan offered by different web hosting providers and then compare their prices until you get the one that meets your needs..

  1. Online review

Once you come across a prospective web hosting company, it is important to go through the online reviews of that company so that you can get a glimpse into what current and past clients are saying about them. By reading through online reviews, you can tell whether the company is easy to contact when a client is in need of support, the average time they take to respond to a client’s ticket and whether they have a friendly staff.

  1. Reliability

A hosting service is definitely useless if you keep on experiencing frequent interruptions. And that is why you need to consider a company’s uptime. While it is almost impossible to get a web hosting service with a 100% uptime owing to the fact that it isn’t reasonable in the first place, you should however go for a hosting company with effective solutions for the events of downtime so that your site doesn’t get affected by frequent failures.

  1. Security

The security of a web hosting service provider is also an essential aspect to take into account when choosing a web hosting provider. You should stay away from a provider who operates in an environment that is saturated by endless daily threats as well as emerging threats. That is why you should insist on knowing whether a hosting service provider has put in place safeguards against spam threats prior to hiring them. Again, the provider should have a well trained staff that is available 24/7 in order to handle security problems.

  1. Usability

You need to look at the usability of the web hosting service especially if you are new to web hosting and you don’t have technical and coding knowledge . Again, usability is quite crucial because it enables you to customize your site and hosting options. Some of the usability features that you should look for is whether the provider has Plesk, cPanel, ispCPConfig and ispCP . All these programs will make it easier for you to set up and further customize your site.

Once you look at some of these things in a web hosting service, then you will be a step closer to getting a web hosting service that meets your needs.

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